Principal Investigator

Susan Schenk, PhD, FRSNZ
BSc McGill University 1976
MSc Concordia University 1979
PhD Concordia University 1983
NSERC (Canada) post doc 1983-1985
Assistant Professor Concordia University 1985-1987
Assistant Professor-Professor Texas AM University 1987-2001
Professor Victoria University 2001-present
Associate Dean (Research) Faculty of Science 2012-present

You can view Susan’s staff profile on the Victoria University of Wellington website.

Postgraduate Students

Students in the Behavioural Pharmacology Laboratory are involved in a variety of research projects, including:

  • Changes in serotonin and dopamine receptor mechanisms that are produced by repeated exposure to drugs of abuse
  • Mechanisms underlying the subjective effects of MDMA, the primary psychoactive ingredient of ecstasy
  • Brain plasticity associated with repeated exposure to drugs of abuse-relationship to drug-seeking and relapse
  • Behavioural and cognitive deficits associated with drug exposure